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Maizatul Amirah Mahat (0336918)
BA Mass Communication (Digital Media Production) /Taylor's University
Project & Assessments - Mr. Fauzi Yusoff

Week 8

- Anxiety is a mood disorder that causes someone to feel sad all the time, fatigue, and tend to lose energy and feel lost in certain moments. Those who isolate themselves and stay alone most of the time also tend to be depressed because they have the habit of thinking negatively about themselves. It can be affected by anyone regardless of age, gender, or race. Depression can last for months or years.



Panic or Anxiety attacks aren't usually as dramatic or obvious as they seem.

Be in the moment


So, if someone with an anxiety problem tells you he's experiencing a panic attack, please be a kind human being and believe him - it's not difficult.

The ability to be in the present moment is  a major component of mental wellness - Abraham Maslow

You don’t have to battle it alone

The ability to be present at the moment is a key component of mental health.


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Take action to feel better.

This week, we were assigned to come up with a few sketches for the poster. 

Week 9

This week, progression is based on my sketch.


This week, progression is based on my digital sketch. to be exact, the first design.

These are a few ideas based on the progression.

'Moment' in yellow; I have chosen the color yellow because it represents warmth, welcome, enthusiasm, vitality, happiness, brightness, and intelligence, the happiest hue on the spectrum, evokes a wide range of feelings. It also represents both creativity and optimism, joy, and enlightenment. Because yellow has a long wavelength, it is very visible and easy to notice.

'gradient background'; I have chosen to use a gradient color background (turquoise to pink) which gives subtle color to pop up the text and the image. I added grain just to make the background text 'BE IN THE MOMENT' pop out. It gives sunset vibes to it too which kind of represents my design theme of warmth and subtleness.


Being in the moment; is being aware of and conscious of what is going on right now. It allows us to completely experience life, which is a positive thing. You can always see back your past but never get too attached to the past.  You can always predict the future but don't put your hopes up high about what's going on in the future. The subject style with the string attached that looks like a cloud or messed up strings was inspired from a drawing like heads in the cloud. We regularly criticize persons who are prone to daydreaming. We accuse them of being unorganized, unfocused, not present, or keeping their heads in the clouds. 


Throughout this week's class and assessments, I am truly grateful for all my progression and manage to submit all my tasks despite the challenges that I have to go through. Thanks to my lecturer, Mr. Fauzi for keeping up the pace and helping me a lot with photo editings such as masking, color grading, and all the feedback so I can keep on improving my work.


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